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What have you gained from studying abroad - Xi Hu

The most common question asked by every student who leaves their home country to study abroad is "what have you gained from studying abroad and what are your biggest feelings?". The answer to this question for me is that what I have gained is neither English ability nor a certificate. It's the ability to survive in any country, anywhere I don't know anyone. Second, luxury cars and mansions can not shake my plain mind that I am willing to take a bus every day to pursue simple dreams. I think both have served me well throughout my life.

Some people was born in very rich family, while a few foreign students like me, original family is not rich, had seen lots of examples because of interpersonal relations, kowtowing to win something they want , found that society is so unfair, but after go abroad found that this is not unique to China, this is the ills of The Times, society of disease.

In China, studying abroad has become marketized and materialized, as if you can study abroad to reflect your financial resources and ability. However, as they do not know, the younger age have made studying abroad, once a symbol of "learning, freedom and distance", no longer simple. So you can think of studying abroad as a fresh start to broaden your horizon and enhance your academic ability. But you could say you're here to get a degree and just waste money.

Therefore, those who are negative will sigh "it's just so", don't you go abroad can not learn, can not to deal with trivial matters by yourself? But all of this, after all, some people do not know from beginning to end. And what you see, a lot of people don't see in their lives.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to study in Torrens University Australia, which allowed me to see the blue coast, purple flowers and comfortable life in another hemisphere of the world. I used to think that only with a perfect diploma and various certificates can I get a good job and earn more money. Now, after so much experience, I know that I should learn what I love, and turn what I learn into what I love, everything will be clearer. Just like the slogan of the school, love what you do. If it is not love, how can it be motivated and innovative? It is true that the society is short of labor force, but the lack of thinking staff is the most. As we all know, sailing against the current, not to advance is to fall back, give yourself some pressure, will create more surprises.

I learned these insights from my teachers, such as Mr. George, who loved coffee so much that he opened his own coffee shop and shared with us the whole process from planning to building. I still remember them vividly because of his humorous way of teaching. There is another teacher, Ms. Sussan, who led me into the school volunteer service team. She led me from coffee time to SRC team. No matter organizing activities or making coffee, I could feel her love for students, which was from the heart. If I had to choose a teacher who smiles the most, it would be Mr. Louris, I remember clearly every time I saw him, when we went to hunter valley, even though it was 6:30 in the morning, he would ride a bicycle with a baby seat and show up happily. He could arouse everyone's mood, just like a perpetual motion machine. I also like Ms. Felicity very much. Although we only met in online class, the encouragement she gave me emboldened me to speak my mind. She is a woman of high emotional intelligence, which I have never met before. I hope I can be like her in the future. There are many teachers I admire, I admire their learning, and I am grateful to meet them. Thank you.

I remember a saying, "Everyone has to go through a stage, see a mountain, want to know what is behind the mountain, maybe over the mountain, you will find nothing special, look back, you will feel better. The man who has climbed the mountain will tell the man who has not climbed the mountain that there is nothing beyond the mountain. But there are a lot of people who never make it. Now, the mountain I have turned over, but I will not hesitate to say, I do not regret, the scenery is really beautiful.

I wish every international students have a bright future!

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