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The Acceptance of my New Normal - Chinonso Igweh

I do not know I could make a non-living thing my hobby and friend until I got enrolled and started studying at this prestigious University. My name is Chinonso Kosisochukwu Igweh. I am a Nigerian, studying Graduate Certificate of Business Administration. This is my university experience story. Oh! The non-living thing is my laptop.

The picture above shows the first thing I do as soon as I open my laptop; I check my Torrens emails.

Now here is my story:

From the very first day I got my admission letter, I was excited. I quickly accepted the admission without hesitation because I had longed waited for it. After my acceptance form was filled, signed and sent, I opened the school site to learn more about getting started and how to join the orientation; that was before I received my student login information. I took my time to read and watch almost all the videos and information patterning the course I was about to study. I went as far as joining an online orientation before I received my login information, which I must confess was thrilling. After waiting for over a week, with series of mails sent to Student Services and Intadmissions, I finally got my Office 365 login information on the 20th September with an invitation to join another orientation class which I accepted with joy. This was happening a week after classes commenced. I instantly logged in and created my student mail; selected four courses, instead of two courses, and dived right into my blackboard. That was how the life I knew changed till this very day and counting because I still have not gotten it back.

To put it lightly; ‘my blackboard’ overwhelmed me. I didn’t know where to start, everything I learned during the orientation which I attended twice, vanished. It was a struggle for me for a while before I managed to understand its arrangements and how it works which I later came to appreciate because it was well structured and designed to suite the mind of every thinking human being.

During the first week, I created a study pattern, consisting of lecture schedule, assessment submission due dates, and personal study times, to help me navigate through the course without missing a thing or any deadlines. Nevertheless, it was not enough. As a result of this, I started looking for a solution to my problem, mainly because I was barely sleeping at night due to the course load and two classes that holds at the middle of the night, owing to my late admission and subject selection. However, I was surprised to discover I could not book an appointment with my Study Coach till the following week because her whole week was occupied. Nonetheless, because of the nature of my predicament, I decided to connect with some of my classmates to see if they are experiencing the same issue I was passing through. But, I got more confused when some of them told me they registered two subjects, some said three and some told me how they first registered four and dropped two or one. Notwithstanding, after few more confusing stories, I realized that it was a common mistake made by many new students, and thereupon I decided to book that appointment.

However, two weeks into commencement, I got a mail notifying me that I was to register for two subjects per trimester, instead of the four I registered. Without any delays, I quickly went back to my subject selection instruction page which I overlooked the first time because I was eager to start; taking my time I gradually went through it. That was when I realized that I unintentionally signed up for ‘accelerated studies’ by selecting four subjects. Little did I know, that I unknowingly created my own madness, because I was almost going mad with the course load. Sadly, after exchanging several emails with Students Services and Student Finance, I decided to forge ahead with the four subjects. After all, all it will take is my whole time for few months and a spice of little madness.

In conclusion, I am exceedingly excited with this opportunity to further my studies in this outstanding university. Though it was overwhelming and tiring at first, it is now my new normal which I have come to embrace in good faith. Also, achieving my goal of getting my MBA in Professional Accounting (Advanced) in Torrens University what I aim to attain so as so positively impact my society and nation.

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