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My University Journey & Experience - Suellen Mcglashan

Started out very intimidating, but as time progressed on with my group of friends, “ The Awesome Fivesome”-sharing lunches together, jokes & most importantly their culture with

Steamed Momoks from Nepal & Biryani from India & Pakistan.

On the Left hand side of poster-shows myself enjoying the practices skill acquirement that I have established-carrying out an ECG for a patient (mannequin) in the lab on Level1.

On my Right hand side, showing off my Kangaroo Pump used for IV. Then above that, seriously involved in my Venepuncture exercise, which was my favourite.

Then on the left above the ECG I attended the X’mas in July organised by the student services at Torrens. Such fun, even assisted in popping the champers.

Coming back to the centre, where I was waiting patiently for my OSCE in CDP 115 ie care for the Diabetic Patient with educator Georgie Abalos, decided to take a selfie. Soon the OSCE was over & I had passed & very relieved.

In my second poster it shows the happy, tiring moments of Uni Life, but having friends to lean on does help heaps.

In this poster caricature of us celebrating Alicia’s birthday, the one on the left. We went to a Nepalese restaurant for Alicia’s birthday & they ordered different types of momoks-like dumplings, some were dynamite & some were mild.

I have enjoyed transforming my experiences as an accumulation of fun, more fun & perseverance,commitment & being resilient.

Making videos one online one where I played the part of a High court judge with the robe not forgetting my gavel in PSA 104 with Alicia Marquez. Alicia Marquet also guided me through Medications (TUM) which I thoroughly enjoyed. Doing Sub cut & Intramuscular Injections, be careful of needle stick injuries. IV was also incorporated in this module.

The second video was when doing Mental Health with Keerat with my awesome Fivesome, I played the part of a mental patient.

The middle of 2020 was very stressful as lectures & OSCEs were on line, thanks to COVID-19.

Everywhere you go, someone is wearing a mask and remembering coughing etiquette & keeping 1.5 metres apart.

Thank you for allowing me to take you on this special journey, I will never forget.

Suellen Gomes McGlashan

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