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My University Experience – The Best Of Both Worlds - Tania Lobo

University is a combination of the words United + Diversity. That’s exactly what Torrens stands for in multiple ways across multiple cultures and of course multiple opportunities. My university experience at Torrens has been a fulfilling one with the advantages of learning online and offline at Campus. My journey with Torrens University began shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak when the world seemed to fall apart but assignments at University were only the start! As I unpack my suitcase of experiences right from learning online to discovering new snacks at the vending machine, I want readers to sit back with a bucket of popcorn and hopefully smile, laugh, or even cry if you can relate to any of my stories.

When I looked to switch universities, what geared me to apply to Torrens were the advertisements that said, ‘Love what you do.’ That just didn’t speak to me as a student, but also an individual that moved to Australia to follow her passions and create a career out of it. I was fortunate to have had a combination of online as well as offline classes. We had a discussion-infused offline class with one of our professors that not only imparted knowledge about the industry, but also encouraged discussions that sometimes led to hilarious debates about culture, different ethics, and mindsets. One of the discussions involved Ford’s Ad campaign in China that meant ‘Every Car Has A High-Quality Body’ which translated to ‘Every Car Has A High-Quality Corpse.’ That was the day my classmate and me invented the word ‘Byelingual’, a take on brands that fail to take into consideration a cultural translation of languages instead of just sticking to a literal one.

One of the most welcoming and accommodating aspects of Torrens University is their multicultural staff that understands the nuances of culture shock, challenges associated with moving to a new country and a plethora of do’s and don’ts that have been actual pillars of support. My beloved success coach has been nothing short of a cheerleader that has been helpful on days I couldn’t decide what I wanted to focus on. I couldn’t be thankful enough for the counselling facility that helped me brave some challenging situations in my personal life and this service just spoke volumes about how Torrens meant it when they said they care about their international students.

Old-soul millennial learning has been quite the rollercoaster one with a balanced combination of offline and online learning. Thanks to online class, I get to snack a lot behind those screens but make sure I’m learning by taking down actual handwritten notes at the same time. While the world focused on COVID-19 and the drooping economy, I decided to focus on the global gravitation of offline to online learning, that would’ve been an absolute treat to those that hated school growing up. I am now in my final trimester and I’ve made this campus my second home. It has become the one place I can be my true self and think about my potential, after class learnings and meet new people at the same time. When I step out of this place, I will be a proud MBA graduate that has experienced the best of both worlds and is now ready to enter the workforce with a new set of skills, knowledge and most importantly, a broad mindset.

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