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My University Experience - Gurpreet Kaur

University is a place where we learn. It is a place where we meet different personalities but now due to COVID-19 pandemic has made life more difficult than previously. I am going to discuss about my personal experience regarding my study which is Bachelor of Health Science (clinical nutrition) at Torrens University in Australia.

When I was started my study

Initially, on orientation day, I am was very confused because it was a first experience for me like online orientation. I was tensed about my orientation day because I do not that how to login the orientation link, that was very difficult for me. Honestly, I was very excited to meet new student, despite the fact that I was living in a India with extremely unreliable internet access. I was worried and annoyed because I kept getting logged off and on. On the other hand, my parents was also tensed. They motivate me on that situation but I was cannot attend the orientation. Then I was trying again and again and finally I was logged. Then I was watched a record video and then I saw the full details of my course and so on.


I could not select my subjects because it was a totally different for me like everything is on online you could not talked to anyone to solve our problems. I was again tensed that how I select my subjects and continue my study. Lastly, I was talked to my agent that are you helped me to select my subjects and she said yes and then I am feeling so great and she helped me to select my subjects. Then, I could not log into my blackboard to attend online classes in my first trimester. Unfortunately, I felt alone because, in a traditional face-to-face classroom situation, I could quickly locate someone to talk to about my problems and receive assistance. After a lengthy period of being anxious and irritated, I was sent an email to student service regarding my problem. Then they called me and sent an email on that email I was found my all solutions of my problems. At lastly, I was login my student portal and take my online classes and meet my friends.


I was able to log into the online classroom and take my first class. Although it was very difficult for me to grasp all things like there are numerous assessments, online quiz are included in T1. Firstly, I was very panic that how I balanced all things. Day by day my classes had run and I was a little knowledge about assessments and quizzes and also I faced a very bad internet connection. First time I prepared an audio assessment. I was very nervous and some time I was fumbling then I start again my audio. Many time this is happening but somehow I was completed my assessment and sent it my academic staff. Then I was wait for my results because it was very difficult time for me I was very in stress that when my outcome will be announced either is good or bad. Lastly, I received my grades it was good. Then quizzes will be opened again I was tensed to see quiz, but it was much easier for me rather than previously assessment. Although my academic staff was very encouraging and even I have any question I asked to her and she solve my all doubts.


Fast forward to trimester 2, and I am very confident because I am more familiar with the blackboard navigations. Studies have become more intriguing than before. Again there was a two assessments and three quizzes. Then I was completed my all assessments and quizzes on time. After that my health was disturbed due to my personal illness. I was badly sick and I was worried about my study. Then I was sent an email to student service and I explained my problem and they sent me a form which was leave of absence and I was take a leave of absence with my proof. Lastly, they approved my leave and I felt so relaxed about my studies.


Now, I’m in the 4th trimester of my studies. Some online competitions are held and this has been quite beneficial for students. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies. Shopping and eating out is also one of my stress-relieving activities, so I go shopping and eat restaurants because I am fully vaccinated.

Overall, keep in mind that it all comes down to willpower in the end regardless of the condition, I am still determined to enjoy every moment of my studies at Torrens. Some problems are occurred but actually it is life.

In conclusion, this is my experience at Torrens University.

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