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My university Experience - Amanda Hughes

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Q: ‘What is one word you would use to describe yourself?’

A: Colourful

Surrounding myself with colour is so important in my daily life. If you saw me on the streets of Adelaide, I wouldn’t be wearing black. To me, colour impacts my mood and how I start and end my day. So, when I get up and look at my wardrobe, I generally pick whatever colour jumps out at me for the day. Sometimes that means clashing prints, or a single colour bright outfit. But what this means for me, is that I start my day feeling confident in how I look and how I feel. This need for colour in my life extends to my living space – yes, I have a pink velvet couch, and a variety of artworks sprawled around the house from my favourite Australian artists and friends. My involvement in the arts might just be my favourite thing in life outside of studying my Bachelor of Applied Social Science. My main goal in life is simple; to help people. But outside of my career choice, I still feel a little twinge in my heart saying what I really want to do is be an artist or be surrounded by artists. I feel lucky that in my spare time I can paint – my blog picture is a photograph of myself in front of a mural I painted at home. As I am learning, I am wondering how my human services career can join forces to make me my best colourful self.

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