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My Start of Hope - Eliom Elaunire

At the completion of my secondary school education, I decided to walk the part of my mind by pursuing a bachelor's degree in a course that would give me the contemporary technical skills in Architecture or Engineering. I applied to study mechanical engineering in the Federal University of Technology, Akure but I was not successful. I was rather given an option by the University to study for a bachelor's degree in Industrial/Production Engineering which I accepted and studied for three years. This accorded me the opportunity to meet new people (students and staff). When admitted into Torrens university, I hoped that I would use the experience I gained as a leverage in relating with my study environment, staff and other students.

Starting as an offshore student in Torrens university, I thought it would have been hard getting along with my facilitators, course mates and study environment and yes! it was. During my first week of study, I could hardly navigate the student portal, so I missed a lot of information, missed a class despite the fact that I enrolled late, did not know how to check for assignments these among many, were some of the flaws I had. Truth be told, I was frustrated but I remained optimistic that I will get past this milestone and eventually, I did.

The country where I live, Nigeria, is nine (9) hours behind Australia in time difference. I had to attend my online orientation at night and since I was really excited about attending it, I didn’t mind and I felt really good but after engaging in different online activities like, workshops, lectures and other student activities, I discovered it was a bit tedious and this affected my daily schedule. I had to sleep more during the day so I can wake up at night for some of the workshops, waking up earlier than usual but overtime, I got used to it and some of these things became normal to me.

I found it hard meeting new people because, I had the feeling that it was an online environment, and many people won’t give me much attention but just after my second week of study, I could say yes! I was enjoying the company I had with my fellow student and my facilitators. I was always welcomed by my facilitators when I logged in to an ultra webconfrencing session and in a way, I always felt happy about it and it made me feel important and welcomed the same way I feel even now. I always had the leisure of asking for help from my course mates and facilitators at will.

My facilitator Peter had to spare some time after an online session because, I enrolled late to give me extra clarity and he often did that after some sessions just to make things and some processes clear for the class and I really enjoyed all those sessions and I know it will be better when we start our physical classes. My success coach Lisa also sent a discord link for interior designers to me and I joined it and that helped me a lot. From the interior design group on discord, I was able to set an effective study plan and also get an Instagram group for designers where I was able to get new friends, get study materials for my courses. Greg and Nicol my Design drawing facilitators where also helpful with all the workshop videos which helped me a lot in developing my Sketch-Up skills.

I have had some of my most wonderful student experiences as a student in Torrens It’s funny but true because, I am an online student. Before I forget, I spent a lot of money too I bought drawing materials and some expensive pencils too, but I am still happy that I choose Torrens.

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