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My life in a year at Torrens - Adish Hirve

My life in a year at Torrens

Yes, you heard it right. I would describe my experience at Torrens as my life in a year, and not a year in my life. Why, you might ask? I make this statement based on the vast spectrum of events that have occurred since my admission here.

I am going to narrate a few incidents of my Educational career at Torrens which have contributed in my personal growth and have molded me into a better individual today. My only anticipation is that you all find my story intriguing.

I moved to Australia from India in February 2020, exactly a month before the coronavirus outbreak. I reminisce about the time when I was traveling to Australia, as my gullible mind had no notion of what I was about to face. Exactly one year later, after having studied Economics for two semesters at The University of Queensland, I decided to commence my journey in public health at Torrens University Australia. I particularly loved the commute to the university as the campuses are located in the city area which is extremely vibrant and lively. The face-to-face classes were a delight, as it enabled me to engage in extra-curricular activities and make new connections. I was enthralled by all the various events, both professional and recreational from industry fairs to social gatherings.

I joined the Student Representative Council (SRC) as I very much wanted to be a part of the committee that focused on student engagement. I am glad to have been a part of several amusing activities and events organized by the SRC.

We had a game of mini-golf at Holey Moley with amazing food and drinks. Even though I was not the best at the game, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my fellow SRC members.

‘Peers and pizza night’ at the Gotha street campus was truly incredible. Not only did I have the pleasure of clicking this selfie, but I also got to interact with a very diverse group of students who narrated exciting stories about their lives. The delicious pizzas made everyone smile!

I was also able to organize a meeting between the campus director Karen; the head of well-being David and a non-profit organization called The Hemant Govekar foundation. They provide free-of-cost water and beach safety lessons and provide swimming lessons for students as well. Naturally, I thought this would be beneficial for the students at Torrens. It gladdens me to know that someday the founders of the organization may host a webinar for all the students at Torrens University Australia.

As a student, I would always encourage my fellow students to focus on networking and making connections. Due to my networking skills, I was able to connect with the marketing team at Torrens. They approached me to do a quick presentation on my experience, and were kind enough to take me on the Story bridge climb. That climb was one of my most memorable and exhilarating experiences.

This photo was clicked on top of the Story bridge with myself and the marketing team. The reason we look like the main characters from Ghostbusters is because it was mandatory for us to have a safety harness.

I may look like I am smiling here but there were moments where deep down I was a bit intimidated; we were at a 100 feet height and it was quite impossible to not look down at the passing cars. The scarier part was that when the cars passed from under us, that used to send off vibrations throughout the bridge, which naturally would be felt by us. All in all, my adrenalin was high and I found the climb very exciting and memorable.

A huge part of my life at Torrens goes towards the Student Ambassador role. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a Student Ambassador of Torrens. This role requires me to help future students with any questions they might have on the Unibuddy platform. I am passionate about this role as I like helping students in their educational journey. When I had just started out as a student, I was faced with a number of challenges. Thankfully, I had mentors who guided me and taught me many important lessons. I do wish to help future students in any possible way that I can.

I would be remiss if I did not make a mention about my two lovely friends. They certainly play an important part in my life at Torrens.

I plan to participate in even more activities, events and competitions in the future. I believe in an adventurous and an occupied lifestyle as it teaches me different life skills and facilitates my overall progression.

My thanks to everyone taking out their time to read my blog, I wish all my fellow students the very best of luck in their future endeavors.

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