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My experience as a university student at Torrens - Sara Omairi

During school I was unsure about going to university and in fact, I had no idea what I wanted to do or who I wanted to become. But fast forward, to the end of Year 10 I realised that university, which before now had appeared like an afterthought, was something I was now seriously considering.

Being at the university is a whole new world. This world is full of experiences, adventures and lifetime memories. Everything in this world gives you an experience of life. It depends on how you take that experience forward and the way you execute it.

The University of Torrens is one of Australia’s leading universities. It is internationally recognised for its expertise across a range of fields including science, health, design and art. As creative university, it has a progressive and dynamic outlook, constantly attempting to develop its achievements: investing in excellent facilities, pushing the boundaries of research, and developing new ways of e-learning especially during these times of Covid-19.

There are a lot of reasons which led to me becoming a part of this prestigious university. The quality of education and services was a head of them all. The direct entry was another important reason giving the fact I was graduated from another university and wanted to do something different with my career.

In terms of experience, I might just run out of words. Everything in this world gives you an experience of life and as I have mentioned, it depends on how you take that experience forward and the way you achieve it.

The community of the university is different and great experience. You get to build career relationships that last for lifetime. I got a lot of them. There are also so many networking and social events at Torrens university, which are invaluable for gaining connections and potentially lining up a job in your area of study. Also, I have learnt a lot from studying the design degree. Even though I study online, still feel like we have learnt a lot from the studio and software sessions. Just like real life projects.

In addition to that, there is an outstanding supportive community and facilities. You will be able to get help and support in every situation.

Being a university student taught me how to be more independent. Giving presentations and sitting in meetings have boosted my leadership quality, the accessibility and approachability towards others and certainly the inner confidence in me which indirectly encourages me to be a better designer who I want to pursue after the completion of my course.

To sum up, Torrens university experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve had friends from school go to other universities and to be honest I’m glad I didn’t follow just because ‘everyone is going there’. Torrens opens up so many doorways and the friends you’ll make and the chances you will have far outweigh following the crowd.

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