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Do I live in a bunker and survive on tuna cans and home-grown foods??? - Grace (Garcia Marquez)

Do I live in a bunker and survive on tuna cans and home-grown foods???

When I heard the news about some deadly COVID virus spreading around the world, I thought “it’s ok Australia we’re far from everyone, we’ll be right mate”. But when the news spread that it came to our city, and months later we were ordered to be in lockdown for months on end, my heart skipped a beat. “Is the world ending? Were those dates that the Mayans predicted of an apocalypse, centuries ago, (2012), proving to be correct just some numbers switched around (2021)?? Do I start planning with friends to live in a bunker underground surviving on home-grown foods and cans of tuna and toilet paper???

My anxiety struck me like lightning and all these hilarious thoughts came to my mind (not hilarious at the time). Calm down, I told myself it’s okay, it’s not a war, it’s a pandemic, just take it one day at a time.

I was thankful, that I had already started my course. I thought, great, what a perfect time to study something that I love. A smile came on my face and I was ready to face the world.

This pandemic, and years of it and counting, has taught me a lot. Actually, I wrote a poem-type of thing about it. It goes;

Study, in the Time of COVID – Grace (Garcia Marquez)

Oh COVID, what would I do - without you?

I’d hang out with friends

Attend face to face classes,

and go dancing in salsa shoes.

But now that you’re here, welcome! Have a beer! (at home of course)

It’s time to share time by myself,

Do self-care, love, meditation and all that yogi-stuff

And study online filled with cheer.

2 years into the making, when will it end?

I’ve become an expert at screenshots,

and navigating blackboard technical issues online,

And most of all, be my own best friend.

Oh COVID, what have I done with you?

I’ve created bonds with fellow students online, that I’ve never met in real life,

Mended a broken heart, and filled it with laughter,

Taken classes from the comfort of my own home,

And most of all now appreciate the gift of life - yes I DO.

What will the next few years studying look like with COVID? I’m not sure, but I look forward to learning from each lesson.

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