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Children, Career, College – The Future of Uni - Martha Nion-Tefuarani

A second child on the way, a second organisational restructure and a second chance at college, my children, my career and my college dream in my 30’s. University for me had always been a dream, being on campus and surrounded by people from different cultural backgrounds. This had always given me something to look forward to growing up. Whether you believe in second chances or not, life is sure to take you through amazing experiences in challenging circumstances. I was someone who always had a plan, a tactician at heart – college, career and then children. Along that path, life happened and maybe not in that order I intended but it surely gave me reason to believe in second chances.

The path may have not been that straight line to the top that I had imagined it to be, but the journey has been life changing. My experience with Torrens University over the last two years has come with certainly a lot of sacrifice. Something we all share in common, be it sleep deprivation or time with our loved ones. To say work life balance can be achieved by having, time for your children, time at work, time for studies and offcourse time for yourself being painstakingly easy to juggle would be ludicrous. The question – is it achievable? Can be confidently answered, affirmative, yes it certainly can.

By day, I am the Senior Manager, Transformation Program (Agile Governance) with a nationally owned commercial bank in Papua New Guinea, leading a team of Program, Project and Product Managers. By night, I am mother to two beautiful girls, one who has just turned 3 – the hurricane, the other 12 – the goofy princess and an international student, in my second-last year studying within the Bachelor in Business Information Systems stream. The Future of University for people such as myself certainly looks brighter. The flexibility of the programs offered online by Torrens for offshore students has been a tremendous help for me and it could not have come at a better time. I have the opportunity to immerse myself in blended learning options, without having the guilt of spending time with my daughters or working on a project at work. What has been a bonus for me is the opportunity to impart key learnings from the program, into my role at work. So yes, you may stray away from your path, but sometimes, those curveballs get you on an even greater path.

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