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Believe in yourself and you will be Unstoppable - Navpreet Kaur

We have all experienced some situations in our life when we faced challenges and failures. at that time, we felt every negative emotion we feel so low, maintaining focus on valuable things is out of an option during that phase. The only option we choose at that time is doubting our abilities and self-worth. I’m not different from anyone else, the same thoughts crossed my mind as well, doubting myself and lack of faith in my abilities was the source of my problems.

Whenever thoughts of self-doubt appear in your head, remind yourself to have a belief in your own efforts and believe. If you are stuck in “I’m not good enough” zone, then transforming from self-doubt to “I believe in myself” may take some time. Obviously, at first, you may think it’s hard to achieve but in order to accomplish this in your life, the first thing we need to build is self-esteem and self-confidence to overcome the fear of self-doubt. To believe in yourself there below mentioned learning can play a vital role:

· Believing that its possible whatever you are doing regardless of other’s opinions

· Make sure to visualize your dreams it will boost your desire to make them real.

· Don’t hesitate to act what you believe

When I first started at Torrens University, I faced lots of issues regarding my academics because I am an offshore student so it was quite difficult for me to manage personal and student life together and accomplishing what I what to do. But with the passage of time, everything became normal and well organized. Every student has certain difficulties just like me in their student life and career if we can believe in ourselves not only we can achieve greatness in our life but also it gives us a sense of satisfaction. I used to have a fantastic time at Torrens University since they offered me several possibilities and facilities to help me achieve my goals. I have an ambition to study at the top university in the world and pursue a better future through university. I recently completed semester 2, which allowed me to learn more about the course and work with teachers who were extremely helpful and cooperative. Amy Brown, my favourite instructor, and I have the nicest relationship. She is my learning facilitator and the sweetest person I've ever met. If I have a question, I may ask her at any time. As a result, I've had great time with her and have learned a lot about my professional life. Whenever I'm feeling down and can't concentrate on my studies, I always choose to go to a cafe and I love to gaze at blue cloudy sky which helps me to recharge myself. Both coffee and mother nature really calm my mind down and I'll become more focused.

It’s true that we all have faced a downfall in outlives it doesn’t mean that all the other paths have been closed for us if one door is closed then God opens the new doors for us too. If we can consider this positive attitude in our life only then we can get a positive outcome.

I worked on myself a lot during this time and was able to overcome my fear and self-doubts using the three strategies mentioned above. At last, I want to convey this message to everyone that believe in yourself, enjoy every single moment of your life, stay focused on goals, and only attached to the people who give you positive vibes. Thank you J

Navpreet Kaur

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