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Be passionate about what you do and start climbing the mountain - Nicole Schunke

Study can be intimidating to most students having little success during school days, that intends to feel like a lifetime of hopelessness. I am here to tell you those days are over! Despite the odds that are against you we are all created uniquely for a purpose to share what we are most passionate about or to develop our talents and skills we are blessed with to discover our passion to enrich others. Taking a step of faith to enter that field of study will seem like a mountain standing in your way. In other words, the mountain is the challenges we face along the journey, which may look impossible to overcome. However, through commitment, endurance, and faith to believe that anything is possible as well as trusting your fellow peers and lecturers along the way will provide you with their shared skills and knowledge to equip you.

My journey has tested me in many ways and sometimes you think to yourself how am I going to do this? This question comes to my mind as soon as an assignment task is awaiting like Goliath. To my amazement, I have proven to myself that I am like David overcoming Goliath every time when an assignment needs to be completed. I discovered unknown skills and talents I have that have been waiting to be revealed and developed such as leadership in group work being only one out of many. Throughout my study journey, I began to realise my passion for what I am about to do in my future of events management must be greater than what I could ever imagine as my passion keeps on growing. My ability to learn quickly to persevere to produce extraordinary work has given me greater confidence in myself to realise I am more resilient than I think after experiencing many disappointments. If you have had any disappointments in the past don’t let them keep you from greater things. How you process your disappointment determines whether faith propels you or fear paralyzes you. According to research “It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” (Spraggon, 2017). This has led me to change my mind set to overcome anything as we are more than conquerors.

My final thoughts are we are all in this together and you are not alone. We should all be passionate about what we do and be excited to enjoy every moment. Especially meeting each other through collaboration creates an unforgettable experience of making study fun and interesting. Therefore, keep on climbing that mountain and never turn away just keep looking ahead at the goal and accomplish it one step at a time to finish strong.

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