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A Blogetry-ish - Debora Gonnella

Do not mind me, I am just an international student

How do you reach your dreams

When either way these seem to be vague, restless, looking around. The prey.


We made it to the next topic, without your thoughts being equally arranged.


How does it feel to be far away from home – alone. Decades, centuries, eradicated, repotted, no roots. Like a coup d’état, it does not matter what matter, but it matters anyway. The loneliness of a tuition fee, of a change and of a governmental indecision on admiration, inspiring an expiration date. Your visa is due. Pay your bills, they are overdue. Prioritize you.


The contrasted feelings of belonging to the not belonging, of the crying without the mourning. The letters, the mistakes, the “your language is inappropriate”. Scusami if English ain’t it per se. Where is the accent from? Does it mean you are interested in knowing where from I belong?


How do you see yourself in ten years and, any reasons why you might not work in six months. Maybe, by the fact that might throw me out of here. Hours, days, spent studying. Your language is fluent, your experiences too. How about you work weekends only, but don’t you worry. We got you in the front seat; you see, just in case we deteriorate our image to show to ABC.

Now, what makes a human a person are the complex gathering of morals and opinions we ourselves assimilate and maintain. Being an immigrant is more-or-less the same story everywhere; this is not a protest or a deterioration of communities and cultures, but just my explanation on how I believed I gathered enough life experience to be able to determine my present, putting my future in the hands of a new culture, that I might perceive not as welcoming as others.

I mostly believe I gained this privilege, as I shaped and adapt and respect different mannerism, although it might be just my perception and mirroring my feelings.

Thank you.

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